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Why Personalized Cigars are the Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s getting to be that time of year again! We’re all going to be searching for a special gift for loved ones, if we haven’t found them already. Recently, I’ve been discovering the joy of savoring a wonderful cigar with an old friend. Today we wanted to talk about why a  laser-engraved personalized cigar is the perfect holiday gift!

Cigars bring people together

One of the challenges of any get-together or occasion can be keeping conversation flowing and the vibes positive and energetic. Cigars don’t just help relieve that tension; they serve as an icebreaker and a way to help people stay comfortable at your holiday fiesta. Whether at a holiday party, a College Football Playoff get-together, or a casual reunion with an old buddy, a cigar is the perfect plan to pull a group of people together so that they can enjoy themselves.

Cigars Embody Custom and Tradition

While many people these days are turning to vapes and other things, a fine laser-engraved cigar can show you care and demonstrate that you value class and have an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Cigars have been a beacon of prestige for centuries, and many famous historical figures, such as Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and even John F. Kennedy were known to enjoy their own cigars. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was famous for his love for cigars! Too bad these figures didn’t have their own laser-engraved custom cigars to enjoy!

Custom Cigars are Personal

At Cigar Ink we are able to custom engrave your personalized cigars to fit any occasion for a friend or loved one. Anyone can pick up a gift at the mall, or even a great cigar from a local cigar shop. But the best gifts are the ones that are personal. Showing that you put in the time and effort to make your gift special, will show your friend or special someone that they are special, too.

Personalized Cigars are for Occasions or for an Individual

This holiday season, get a personalized cigar for a friend with their nickname engraved across the side, or you can even get a box of cigars with the name of your event on the side so that everyone can enjoy a cigar for a special occasion. You can even customize the font of your personalized cigars!

Whatever the reason or occasion for getting a custom cigar, the one thing that’s certain is that they will make great gifts. The kind of gift the other people will be jealous of when they see, because they are unique! So stay classy this holiday season and give a laser-engraved, personalized cigar. Call us at CigarInk today at 772-486-0068 or shop online here at our website!

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