What are the Best Cigars to Smoke

What are the Best Cigars to Smoke

Since cigars have become somewhat of a social staple in society over the past few years, they’re no longer just for the seasoned smoker. Cigars represent class, character, as well as pleasure in a multitude of settings whether it’s after dinner, before you walk down the aisle, or even for a few round at the golf course. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that’s that everyone should know what are the best cigars to smoke.

Today, there are thousands of different cigars available which means you shouldn’t be afraid to get real specific with what you like because it’s most likely available, or at least a possibility to obtain.  When it comes to choosing the right kind of cigar you want to ensure that you really enjoy it rather than just smoke to smoke.

When you choose a cigar, you want it to be well bodied, but not too strong because cigars can overwhelm your pallet. For a good and sturdy taste, we suggest medium/mild to full because it has a good level of strength that you should be able to sit on and enjoy.

Understanding the Cigar Aficionado Rating System

Cigar Aficionado Magazine rates cigars on a scale from zero to 100 and if you’re buying your cigars from a smoke shop, the rating you desire will most likely come up during the sale. Now, with that being said, let’s look the cigar rating system so you don’t waste your money.

  • Below 70 — Don’t waste your time even smelling these cigars.
  • Between 70 and 79 — You’re most likely looking at a commercial brand. Not bad, but not great.
  • Between 80 and 89 — Close to perfect.
  • Between 90 and 94 — Near Outstanding.
  • 95 to 100 — Classic, extremely high quality cigar.

When you’re determining what size cigar to buy, that all depends on the quality of the tobacco, the leaf, and how long you’re planning to smoke. If you’re bringing cigars to the golf course, then you can get a thicker cigar because you’ll have a few hours to sit on it, but if you’re just enjoying a stogie after dinner, you can go the thinner route.

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