Wedding Cigars

Find out why Custom Wedding Cigars are a Must

There is nothing as magical as two love birds about to get married. There is a lot of planning that goes into a marriage, from the color of the flowers, to the wedding cake and most importantly to the color of the wedding dress. There is nothing like the joy felt from two newlyweds to be completely loving each other and vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. There are many ways to build a nice comradery between the bride’s mates and the groom’s mates, but for sure and without question one of the best ways is to create custom wedding cigars.

Custom Wedding Cigars Create a Memorable Experience

Custom wedding cigars are a great way to create a truly memorable and special experience. There is no better way to relax with the pals than drinking some champagne and smoking nice high quality cigars. Having a name customized on every cigar and having the date of the marriage with the bride and groom’s name is a great way to create a personable and special bond between the groom’s and bride’s mates.

wedding cigars
Wedding cigars for grooms-mates.

We Specialize on Laser Engraved Custom Cigars

At Cigar Ink we specialize on creating custom cigars for any occasion. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, it’s a boy or it’s a girl sets, personal engravings and of course the famous “wedding cigars”. We have had hundreds of happy brides and grooms that loved their wedding experience and even recommend it to their single friends. The bond and comradery smoking something simple as a cigar created was unremarkable… Just savoring the flavor, completely living in the moment and enjoying the laughs were common themes in their weddings.

Get Wedding Cigars for your Wedding!

If you love cigars there is nothing you can’t think of personalizing on a cigar. We are expert cigar aficionados with a complete love and passion for all things cigars. If you are thinking about getting custom cigars or wedding cigars then we are your #1 stop! Click through the above link to check out or occasion cigars or if you have any questions you can contact us here.