how to smoke a cigar

How to Smoke a Cigar the Right Way

Smoking a cigar is not something as easy as picking it up and taking a puff. Smoking is an art. Going through the motions of smoking a cigar is worth it and you should become accustomed to smoking in no time. Before you can enjoy the fine taste and relaxation of a nice cigar you need to make sure you choose the right kind, cut the cigar, toast the foot, light the cigar, make sure it’s evenly lit, smoke it, handle the ash and store it properly!

Choosing a Cigar: Picking the right cigar is important. If you are at a local cigar shop you want to make sure you choose the right one before making an impulsive buy. If it is your first time smoking a cigar you want to make sure you choose a mild cigar that is thinner as opposed to the longer/wider cigars. Buying the most expensive cigar isn’t always the right way to go and doesn’t always mean you are getting quality. Asking a worker on cigar recommendations for a beginner is a good way to go and I’ve seen many friends get guided into the right direction. Once you find a cigar that you’d like to buy you should inspect it by gently squeezing it to making sure that there aren’t any spots that are too hard or soft. Having either of those issues will mean that the cigar will give you a bad draw. If you buy multiple cigars it will be a smart idea to store your cigars in the humidor!

Cutting the Cigar: Using a cigar cutter, you should cut off the cap at about 1/8 of an inch. You want to cut the cigar with a quick, strong motion to prevent tearing.

Toast the Foot and Light the Cigar: You are going to need to make sure you use the proper lighter to avoid altering the flavor of the cigar. Butane lighters are the best option, but in a pinch a long wood match will work fine as well. Before lighting the cigar you are going to want to warm the tobacco at the end opposite from the cap which is called the foot. Holding the flame below the foot while rotating will warm up the tobacco making it easier to light. Once that is done you are going to light the cigar by holding the flame in front of the cigar without letting it touch the cigar. Gently puff a few times without inhaling till you can feel smoke coming into your mouth. Make sure you spin it around while lighting to get an even burn.

Making Sure it is Evenly Lit: This is a simple step or fix. Once it is lit you should look at the foot of the cigar and lightly blow on it to ensure that it’s evenly lit. You want to make sure the entire end is glowing, if this is not the case you can slowly spin and re-light the cigar to make sure it burns evenly!

Smoke the Bad Boy:  Finally now you can sit back and enjoy your smoke! Unlike cigarettes, cigars shouldn’t be inhaled, so make sure to you draw the smoke into your mouth as if you were sucking on a straw. Once you have the smoke in your mouth hold it for a few seconds to savor the taste. Puff and rotate the cigar every 30 seconds to keep the cigar in good form. To ash the cigar all you do is lightly tap the cigar along the edge into the ashtray. When you are done with the cigar it is best to let it sit and extinguish in the ashtray, trying to clip the cigar or saving it for later will result in an unfavorable taste that many aficionados do not agree with.

Now that we taught you how to smoke a cigar we suggest you go out there and give it a go! Entering the world of cigars is an exciting on and can create many memorable experiences! There is nothing like enjoying a nice high quality cigar after a hard days work!

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