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How to Plan Your New Year’s Cigar Party

These days, New Year’s Eve parties are becoming a little obsolete. However, when the right new thing is added into the mix, your party this holiday season can be far better than you imagined. Remember, people love new things, and while cigars certainly aren’t a new thing, the idea of a cigar party, or herf, for a New Year’s extravaganza definitely is. Let’s go over a few things to remember when planning your 2016 celebration.

Choose Your Venue

You may decide if to have your Cigar Party at home this New Year’s, if you have sufficient space and commodities available to be able to entertain a sizeable amount of people. If you prefer to have your party elsewhere, it’s time to go ahead and choose your venue if you haven’t done so already. There are many places here in South Florida if you are local, including lots of oceanfront property around West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Use your imagination and you’ll be able to come up with a great place.

Plan Around Football

Playoffs? Playoffs! That’s right, the College Football Championship Series is back. It’s possible that you and those closest to you aren’t too concerned with college football this week. However, if you’re a diehard football fan, or if your team is in the Top 4 this season, you’re going to want to plan around the playoff schedule for your cigar herf. Choose a venue with a few big screen TVs, and consider personalized cigars emblazoned with the letters of your favorite school. That’s what makes custom laser-engraved cigars so great, they can be perfect for any occasion.

Select Your Engraving

On that note, when planning your cigar party be sure to wisely choose the engraving you want upon each of your personalized cigars. You may want something clever to celebrate 2016, or a phrase that could seal off 2015 for all those in attendance. Remember that there will be many in attendance and you want the selection you choose to be an inspiration to everyone.

Get In Touch With Cigar Ink

The last thing to remember is to get in touch with Cigar Ink as soon as possible. The New Year is approaching quickly, and we have you covered on everything from the Cigar Girls for your party to the personalized cigars everyone will be enjoying.   If you’re ready to plan your New Year’s Bash or your party for any other occasion, you can get in touch with Cigar Ink at 772-486-0068! Happy New Year!

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What Is A Cigar Herf? We Breakdown This Latest Trend

What is a cigar herf? In this day and age of parties, charity events, and social gatherings, more and more people are realizing how much cigars can add to the social aspect. As a supplier of custom cigars and with experience in throwing cigar events we know how much of a difference adding cigars to a party can make. There is actually a term for a ‘cigar party’ which we are going to further get into below.

What is a Cigar Herf?

pretty girl custom cigars
Pretty “cigar girl” holding custom cigars at a cigar herf.

In layman’s terms a Cigar Herf is just a fancy term for a gathering of people smoking cigars. Seems like such a simple definition for such a fancy term, but that is it. I see many cigar aficionados use the term in their daily speech. You could use the term herf as a noun and you can also use it as a verb. For instance, you can tell your buddy that you ‘want to herf’ or you can tell your wife that you are busy ‘herfing with the pals’.

The term Cigar Herf originated in the mid 90’s and was a term that only our customers and cigar aficionados knew. With the popularity of cigars increasing, people have been asking their smoker friends or googling “what a cigar herf is” to learn about this new trend. Now that we got your attention we are going to talk about what makes cigar herfs so special.

What is so special about a Cigar Herf?

There is just something that is so special about holding a cigar herf or attending one. After holding cigar herfs for numerous charity events, athletes, and rappers, there is a reason they keep coming back for more.

The total relaxation and the bond that could be shared at one of these events is unparalleled. The commonality of people smoking gathering and smoking cigars is a great way to meet people and also a great icebreaker. It’s not uncommon to be asked ‘what are you puffing on’ or if ‘you want to join us for a cigar and drink?’

Another perk to cigar herfs is the amount of beautiful ladies running around. We held and been to a couple cigar herfs and viewing the beautiful ladies handing out cigars is just a sight to behold. At our events plenty of the people tell us that our ‘Cigar Girls’ were one of their favorite aspects. There is just something so special about having a beautiful lady hand you your cigar.

Host your own Cigar Herf!

Now that you know what a Cigar Herf is, it would be an awesome idea to take this information and host your own! There is no better way to create camaraderie between a group of people than to smoke cigars together. Trust us you and your friends would not be disappointed! If you ever need help in holding a cigar herf then we can provide a perfect cigar event experience for you that will keep you coming back for more.