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Suggestions for Giving Personalized Cigars as Presents

Personalized cigars and accessories are great gifts, but you can easily make mistakes when trying to give them out as presents. Sometimes you can get the wrong type or give an accessory that a friend already has. Follow these pointers for giving personalized cigars and accessories out as gifts to avoid pitfalls!

Suggestions for Giving Personalized Cigars

Beware of the Box!

Some cigar smokers are particular when it comes to brand. Some may not be willing to try anything different, so you may not want to jump the gun and get them the wrong type of cigar! Be sure that you know which brand of custom cigars the person likes most before getting a bunch of personalized cigars in a box!


Giving samples of cigars as a gift is a great option. You may find this is in your best interest because a lot of people don’t prefer one cigar more than another. Samples are ideal for a majority of people because they offer a variety of custom cigars. It allows the receiver of the cigars to try different brands and they get a new experience with each one! Sure, they may not like each one they try but they get to try one each time! Then, if they haven’t ever tried one out before, they can see which ones they like and don’t like for that matter! But let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good cigar after all?

Accessories & Wrappers

Maybe you’re unsure about what types of cigars to get. If this is the case, you may want to think about getting cigar accessories instead! Accessories can include anything from lighters, cutters, leather cases, glass humidors, cigar wrappers, double blade cutters, and torch lighters. These are great gift ideas that any cigar fan would need in order to maximize their cigar experience.

Whether you are getting a bunch of different custom cigars, a box for your friend, co-worker, or loved one, nifty cigar accessories, or a combination of all cigar products, understanding these pointers about giving personalized cigars as presents can be extremely helpful. Cigars and accessories are great gifts because they provide an experience. Don’t miss out on giving someone an experience they can enjoy today!

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