Holiday Celebrations

7 Cigar Themed Ways People Rang in the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! We are so blessed to see another year, and to have such awesome customers both near and far.

Durango Cigars rang in the new year snowboarding in the snowy wilderness. There is nothing like a nice cigar after hitting some slopes.

In Vegas baby! Nothing says cigars quite like Vegas, and there is no better way to celebrate new years than in the party capital of the world.

At home with some Captain Morgans and some VMware (techies love cigars too ya know)

…by rolling your own

With a nice bottle of whiskey. Nothing pairs with cigars quite like a nice whiskey.

And if you aren’t into the hard stuff, you can try some nice espresso.

Cigar Weekly rung in the new year with a 5 Year aged Maduro. That looks like a beautiful smoke!

Custom Cigars

5 Reasons Custom Cigars are Better than Traditional

At Cigar Ink we pride ourselves on our one of a kind laser engraved custom cigars. Ever since going online we have amassed quite a following. When cigar aficionados do a traditional search for cigars by looking up ‘buy cigars online’ they are greeted from a whole bunch of links promising awesome deals. In reality most of these cigars that you find are the same ones you could find at your local cigar shop, there is nothing unique or original to them, and to add to that the prices aren’t even much cheaper.

When you go online to search for a cigar you want to find something that is original, something that you cannot find in-store. Let’s be honest, we all wish we could buy Cuban cigars but that isn’t possible, at least for now! So you can’t get Cuban cigars, but what else could you get? The thought of custom cigars never really crossed anyone’s mind, the knowledge that there is a company that custom laser engraves cigars is beyond them. The fact is that a custom laser imprinted cigar is possible and has an extreme amount of hype behind it. Custom cigars are the answer to your boring cigar. We are going to leave you with 5 reasons why custom cigars are better than traditional ones.

Custom Cigars vs Traditional Cigars

custom cigars
One of our “Cigar Girls” holding up a couple of our custom cigars.
  1. They are conversation starters. You don’t know how many times I’ve had someone come up to me and ask what I was puffing on. Many, in fact most “cigar aficionados” haven’t seen a custom cigar, or a custom printed one for that matter. Many times they see it and they want a sample or their own custom printed cigar. Most people I have met on the street have become loyal followers.
  2. They are great cigars to bring to a herf. The fact that you could pass around custom printed cigars at a herf (we covered what a cigar herf is in our previous article) is HUGE. Passing out cigars at a cigar herf could be a great source of branding while also creating some awesome social interaction.
  3. They are great for your company. The fine folks at Next Luxury are to thank for this one. To piggyback off of the cigar herf idea of branding, they are a great marketing tool for any company. For instance, say you are selling cars or real estate, giving the buyer one of these custom cigars could really show your appreciation.
  4. They are great for special occasions. These cigars are the best for special occasions. Plenty of our orders come from people celebrating a big event such as a wedding, a birth, a job promotion, or for watching your favorite team. We have personally first-hand seen how much of a bang passing out these cigars for a wedding created. In fact the father of the bride came up to me after and told me it was the best part of the wedding (I’m sure his daughter getting married was, but still).
  5. They are just PLAIN awesome. Smoking one of these cigars is awesome and just creates a huge personal bond between you and the cigar or between the people you are smoking with. My friends and I still choose to smoke traditional cigars once in a while, but we always usually go with our personal laser engraved custom cigars.

Personalized Cigars are the Best

There you have it! Fresh from the cigar ink smoking lounge we gave you 5 reasons why custom cigars are better than traditional cigars.

Create the Party. Be the Party. With Cigar Ink Personalized Cigars.

halloween drink ideas

5 Halloween Drink Ideas To Enjoy With Your Cigar

halloween drink recipes
Witch enjoying a cocktail. Enjoy our 5 Halloween Drink Ideas!

Halloween is shortly around the corner and you may need Halloween drink ideas!  After all, you don’t want to be stuck drinking the same alcoholic beverages you normally drink year-round.  It’s time to spice things up a bit. We are cigar aficionados at heart, but we also love a good drink once in a while. You also love enticement, which is why you’ll be looking forward to the custom cigars you’ll be smoking after you choose one of these elaborate Halloween drink ideas!

1. Bleeding Heart Martini

For Halloween, what could be more spooky or freaky than taking a sip out of a drink with a pickled beet in it that resembles a human heart?  This martini is sure to test people with a weak stomach!

2. The Pain Slasher

This drink takes effort to make but the reward is great. It will have an orange color that will be appropriate for the festive occasion of Halloween!  Add 4 ounces of pineapple juice as the base to your drink with 1 ounce of orange juice and one ounce of coconut cream.  Then comes the rum — but only if you’re up for it!  Add anywhere from one to four ounces if you dare!  This creepy drink won’t slash you like a killer in a horror movie but instead can provide a tangy and tropical taste!

3. Eyeball Cocktails

Drinking a cocktail can get extra crazy when you look down and see that there is an eyeball inside!  To create this wild drink, start with the eyeballs.  Get black seedless grapes and Concord grapes.  Minimal preparation will be required.  Start with a selected amount of grapes and peel the skin halfway off the black grapes.  Use a small kitchen utensil to remove the stem end of each black grape to make a hole.  Then place a Concord grape inside the hole of each of these black grapes.  Finally, pour out your favorite martini over these and there you have it!

4. Dark Moon

Put 3 ounces of beer into cup and then 3 ounces of dry wine over it.  Drink only at your own risk!  This ghoulish drink is sure to leave you howling at the moon!

5. Run for Your Apple

Start making this drink early on because you will need time to set it aside to chill.  In a large bowl, pour a quart of cold apple cider, 1 1/4 cup spiced rum, and about two tablespoons of lemon juice.  Place it in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours and then pour over ice to serve with slice of an apple.  This is the perfect treat for you on Halloween!

Enjoy Your Halloween Cocktail with a Nice Cigar

No matter what drink you decide, don’t forget to compliment your Halloween drink ideas with the perfect touch of a cigar.  You can even raise the stakes even more and hold your own cigar party or cigar herf.  All in all, there’s nothing like a fine, smooth cigar after a nice drink.  Halloween is just the right occasion for a drink and some personalized cigars!

cigar herf

What Is A Cigar Herf? We Breakdown This Latest Trend

What is a cigar herf? In this day and age of parties, charity events, and social gatherings, more and more people are realizing how much cigars can add to the social aspect. As a supplier of custom cigars and with experience in throwing cigar events we know how much of a difference adding cigars to a party can make. There is actually a term for a ‘cigar party’ which we are going to further get into below.

What is a Cigar Herf?

pretty girl custom cigars
Pretty “cigar girl” holding custom cigars at a cigar herf.

In layman’s terms a Cigar Herf is just a fancy term for a gathering of people smoking cigars. Seems like such a simple definition for such a fancy term, but that is it. I see many cigar aficionados use the term in their daily speech. You could use the term herf as a noun and you can also use it as a verb. For instance, you can tell your buddy that you ‘want to herf’ or you can tell your wife that you are busy ‘herfing with the pals’.

The term Cigar Herf originated in the mid 90’s and was a term that only our customers and cigar aficionados knew. With the popularity of cigars increasing, people have been asking their smoker friends or googling “what a cigar herf is” to learn about this new trend. Now that we got your attention we are going to talk about what makes cigar herfs so special.

What is so special about a Cigar Herf?

There is just something that is so special about holding a cigar herf or attending one. After holding cigar herfs for numerous charity events, athletes, and rappers, there is a reason they keep coming back for more.

The total relaxation and the bond that could be shared at one of these events is unparalleled. The commonality of people smoking gathering and smoking cigars is a great way to meet people and also a great icebreaker. It’s not uncommon to be asked ‘what are you puffing on’ or if ‘you want to join us for a cigar and drink?’

Another perk to cigar herfs is the amount of beautiful ladies running around. We held and been to a couple cigar herfs and viewing the beautiful ladies handing out cigars is just a sight to behold. At our events plenty of the people tell us that our ‘Cigar Girls’ were one of their favorite aspects. There is just something so special about having a beautiful lady hand you your cigar.

Host your own Cigar Herf!

Now that you know what a Cigar Herf is, it would be an awesome idea to take this information and host your own! There is no better way to create camaraderie between a group of people than to smoke cigars together. Trust us you and your friends would not be disappointed! If you ever need help in holding a cigar herf then we can provide a perfect cigar event experience for you that will keep you coming back for more.

Wedding Cigars

Find out why Custom Wedding Cigars are a Must

There is nothing as magical as two love birds about to get married. There is a lot of planning that goes into a marriage, from the color of the flowers, to the wedding cake and most importantly to the color of the wedding dress. There is nothing like the joy felt from two newlyweds to be completely loving each other and vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. There are many ways to build a nice comradery between the bride’s mates and the groom’s mates, but for sure and without question one of the best ways is to create custom wedding cigars.

Custom Wedding Cigars Create a Memorable Experience

Custom wedding cigars are a great way to create a truly memorable and special experience. There is no better way to relax with the pals than drinking some champagne and smoking nice high quality cigars. Having a name customized on every cigar and having the date of the marriage with the bride and groom’s name is a great way to create a personable and special bond between the groom’s and bride’s mates.

wedding cigars
Wedding cigars for grooms-mates.

We Specialize on Laser Engraved Custom Cigars

At Cigar Ink we specialize on creating custom cigars for any occasion. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, it’s a boy or it’s a girl sets, personal engravings and of course the famous “wedding cigars”. We have had hundreds of happy brides and grooms that loved their wedding experience and even recommend it to their single friends. The bond and comradery smoking something simple as a cigar created was unremarkable… Just savoring the flavor, completely living in the moment and enjoying the laughs were common themes in their weddings.

Get Wedding Cigars for your Wedding!

If you love cigars there is nothing you can’t think of personalizing on a cigar. We are expert cigar aficionados with a complete love and passion for all things cigars. If you are thinking about getting custom cigars or wedding cigars then we are your #1 stop! Click through the above link to check out or occasion cigars or if you have any questions you can contact us here.

how to smoke a cigar

How to Smoke a Cigar the Right Way

Smoking a cigar is not something as easy as picking it up and taking a puff. Smoking is an art. Going through the motions of smoking a cigar is worth it and you should become accustomed to smoking in no time. Before you can enjoy the fine taste and relaxation of a nice cigar you need to make sure you choose the right kind, cut the cigar, toast the foot, light the cigar, make sure it’s evenly lit, smoke it, handle the ash and store it properly!

Choosing a Cigar: Picking the right cigar is important. If you are at a local cigar shop you want to make sure you choose the right one before making an impulsive buy. If it is your first time smoking a cigar you want to make sure you choose a mild cigar that is thinner as opposed to the longer/wider cigars. Buying the most expensive cigar isn’t always the right way to go and doesn’t always mean you are getting quality. Asking a worker on cigar recommendations for a beginner is a good way to go and I’ve seen many friends get guided into the right direction. Once you find a cigar that you’d like to buy you should inspect it by gently squeezing it to making sure that there aren’t any spots that are too hard or soft. Having either of those issues will mean that the cigar will give you a bad draw. If you buy multiple cigars it will be a smart idea to store your cigars in the humidor!

Cutting the Cigar: Using a cigar cutter, you should cut off the cap at about 1/8 of an inch. You want to cut the cigar with a quick, strong motion to prevent tearing.

Toast the Foot and Light the Cigar: You are going to need to make sure you use the proper lighter to avoid altering the flavor of the cigar. Butane lighters are the best option, but in a pinch a long wood match will work fine as well. Before lighting the cigar you are going to want to warm the tobacco at the end opposite from the cap which is called the foot. Holding the flame below the foot while rotating will warm up the tobacco making it easier to light. Once that is done you are going to light the cigar by holding the flame in front of the cigar without letting it touch the cigar. Gently puff a few times without inhaling till you can feel smoke coming into your mouth. Make sure you spin it around while lighting to get an even burn.

Making Sure it is Evenly Lit: This is a simple step or fix. Once it is lit you should look at the foot of the cigar and lightly blow on it to ensure that it’s evenly lit. You want to make sure the entire end is glowing, if this is not the case you can slowly spin and re-light the cigar to make sure it burns evenly!

Smoke the Bad Boy:  Finally now you can sit back and enjoy your smoke! Unlike cigarettes, cigars shouldn’t be inhaled, so make sure to you draw the smoke into your mouth as if you were sucking on a straw. Once you have the smoke in your mouth hold it for a few seconds to savor the taste. Puff and rotate the cigar every 30 seconds to keep the cigar in good form. To ash the cigar all you do is lightly tap the cigar along the edge into the ashtray. When you are done with the cigar it is best to let it sit and extinguish in the ashtray, trying to clip the cigar or saving it for later will result in an unfavorable taste that many aficionados do not agree with.

Now that we taught you how to smoke a cigar we suggest you go out there and give it a go! Entering the world of cigars is an exciting on and can create many memorable experiences! There is nothing like enjoying a nice high quality cigar after a hard days work!

We at Cigar Ink offer high quality and personalized cigars at a nice affordable rate! Come check us out!


Upper ten having fun in luxury car, drinking champagne, smoking cigar.

Keep the Spirit of Summer Going by Throwing your own Stogie Party

Summer backyard barbecues are about to give way to crisp fall cookouts. But, fear not! You can always keep the spirit of summer going by throwing your own stogie party. A cigar party is a great way to introduce your novice friends to the hobby, expose your cigar enthusiast buddies to some of your favorite stogies and swap cigar knowledge like a pro. You will need a few items to make your event a success and, of course, the Cigar Ink team has you covered.


First, what party is complete without food? A cigar party is no exception. The type of food you serve will depend on the goal of your party. Are you looking to have a variety of cigars to try? Then you will want to keep your food choices light. The perfect spread is an array of cheese, crackers and bread, fruit and veggies. If you are looking to do a more substantial menu, keep it light on the spices. Serve the lightest, least flavor-rich foods first and save the heavier, more flavorful foods for later in the evening. We advise this because you want the flavors of the cigars to shine, not the food. Tailor your menu accordingly.


Cigars and drinks go together like cereal and milk…or something like that. Just as with the food, the type of drinks you serve will depend on the type of cigars you will have. For lighter, milder flavored stogies, you can pair with a sweeter white wine like Riesling or vodka and seltzer water mix. For bold flavored cigars, you can go for the traditional pairing of bourbon or full-bodied cognac.

Everything else

You wouldn’t throw a wine party and forget to include wine glasses, right? Similarly, you should not forget all the accessories needed for your stogie party. Ashtrays, cigar cutters, and good, working lighters are all essential to your party. If you are a true cigar aficionado, outfitted with your own humidor, make sure your cigars are ready (unwrapped and free to breathe) about half an hour before it’s go-time. Once your guests arrive, feel free to light up, drink up and eat up. Remember to keep the food light and have a variety of drinks to pair with each type of cigar you guest chooses.

You might think that summer is the best time for a cigar party, but there is never a wrong time to enjoy a cigar. You can feel confident in kicking the fall season into high gear with a perfectly planned cigar party. Once you have the first one under your belt, you will want to keep throwing stogie parties throughout the year. For the best choice of custom cigars online, be sure to keep Cigar Ink at the top of your list.

What are the Best Cigars to Smoke

What are the Best Cigars to Smoke

Since cigars have become somewhat of a social staple in society over the past few years, they’re no longer just for the seasoned smoker. Cigars represent class, character, as well as pleasure in a multitude of settings whether it’s after dinner, before you walk down the aisle, or even for a few round at the golf course. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that’s that everyone should know what are the best cigars to smoke.

Today, there are thousands of different cigars available which means you shouldn’t be afraid to get real specific with what you like because it’s most likely available, or at least a possibility to obtain.  When it comes to choosing the right kind of cigar you want to ensure that you really enjoy it rather than just smoke to smoke.

When you choose a cigar, you want it to be well bodied, but not too strong because cigars can overwhelm your pallet. For a good and sturdy taste, we suggest medium/mild to full because it has a good level of strength that you should be able to sit on and enjoy.

Understanding the Cigar Aficionado Rating System

Cigar Aficionado Magazine rates cigars on a scale from zero to 100 and if you’re buying your cigars from a smoke shop, the rating you desire will most likely come up during the sale. Now, with that being said, let’s look the cigar rating system so you don’t waste your money.

  • Below 70 — Don’t waste your time even smelling these cigars.
  • Between 70 and 79 — You’re most likely looking at a commercial brand. Not bad, but not great.
  • Between 80 and 89 — Close to perfect.
  • Between 90 and 94 — Near Outstanding.
  • 95 to 100 — Classic, extremely high quality cigar.

When you’re determining what size cigar to buy, that all depends on the quality of the tobacco, the leaf, and how long you’re planning to smoke. If you’re bringing cigars to the golf course, then you can get a thicker cigar because you’ll have a few hours to sit on it, but if you’re just enjoying a stogie after dinner, you can go the thinner route.

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality cigars that you can customize for nearly any event or promotion, contact us at Cigar Ink. We make ordering cigars easy with our online ordering form that gives you creative leverage with whatever you choose to engrave into your smokes with our patent laser system.

Understanding the Different Types of Cigar Wrappers

Understanding the Different Types of Cigar Wrappers

There’s a general misconception regarding cigars for those who are not seasoned smokers and that’s the darker the cigar, the stronger it is. Well, that’s simply not the case – at all, actually. There’s more to a cigar than the wrapper, which is can have up to five of. The central part of the cigar is the tobacco and the filler, then there’s the binder, and then the wrapper.

The tobacco leaves that the wrappers are made from only help in creating a stronger end product. Simply looking at the color of the cigar should not be what sells you on whether or not you purchase a certain type. Instead, you need to look at the cigar as a whole.

However, that’s not what we’re going to focus on in this post, but rather we’re going to let you know more about the wrapping that holds cigars together and how you should let the different wraps dictate which cigars you should be leaning towards.

Cigar Wrappers Explained

At Cigar Ink we use two primary different types of tobacco leaf to wrap our cigars in:

  1. Habano
  2. Maduro

Now, although there are several different types of leaves out there, we find that these two types work best with our patent laser engraving system that allows us to customize our cigars for our customers. With that being said, what’s the difference between our two different types of cigar wrappings?

A fun fact about Maduro is that it technically isn’t a wrapper, but rather an adjective to describe if the leaf is ripe or not. Any wrapper can be “maduro.” So, if you want a wrapper that is maduro, you’re simply going for a leaf that has achieved an extensive level of fermentation. This fermentation process is where the natural oils within the tobacco lead are able to come to the surface. It’s when the natural oils come forth that the leaf darkens.

Habano leaf is more of a full bodied wrapper that’s a natural shade. If you’re looking for a more complex flavored cigar, then you should request to see cigars wrapped in habano leaves. They’re often lighter in color than maduro wrappers, but they’re still just as delicious on the pallet.

5 Perfect Occasions for Signature Cigar Smoking

5 Perfect Occasions for Signature Cigar Smoking

Cigars are a great way to celebrate any type of milestone, whether it’s a new birth or a wedding, the possibilities are endless. Of course, you’ll see cigar enthusiasts lighting one up on the golf course, but that’s expected. There’s a difference between simply enjoying a basic cigar versus enjoying one that’s custom engraved to mark the celebration. So, what are some of the instances where it’d be better to invest in some laser engraved cigars? We’re here to tell you.

5 Occasions for Custom Laser Engraved Cigars

  1. Your Own Wedding

    Sure, laser engraved cigars are great if you’re in the bridal party, but if you’re the one getting married, we’re going to go ahead and say they’re a must-have. Imagine the amazing photos that the wedding photographer can get of the groomsmen and the groom sharing in a pre-walk down the aisle smoke, or even the bride and her bridesmaids at the reception. It’s guaranteed you’ll look like the coolest couple on the planet with photos like that, especially the bride and groom smoking cigars that aren’t just labeled with their wedding date or initials, but personally engraved.

  2. The Birth of a Baby

    It’s actually a common custom that the father of a new born pass out celebratory cigars once that baby let’s out its first cry. Just like how you would get your initials engraved for a wedding, you can engrave “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” into the tobacco leaf of the cigar. Plus, if you really want to surprise people, keep the sex a secret until the baby is born, then pass out the cigars to let the friends and family know the sex.

  3. New Year’s Eve

    Why not ring in the New Year with a cigar that’s engraved with the upcoming numerical year? If you’re a big cigar enthusiast, you can even have one with the current year that you smoke before the clock strikes 12, and one after for the New Year.

  4. Birthday Milestone

    Whether it’s for an 18th birthday as a family tradition to have that first legal cigar, or if it’s a big milestone like 50 and up, cigars are a great way to celebrate. Plus we’re sure that grandpa (or even grandma) would love a cigar with his name engraved on it.

  5. Job Promotion

    Whether your business is taking off, or if you got a big promotion, it’s a great occasion to smoke a custom cigar. If you have a company logo for your business, that’s something we at Cigar Ink could work out engraving for you with our patent laser engraving system.

Need to Order Laser Engraved Cigars for a Special Occasion?

If you need to order custom engraved cigars for an upcoming occasion, visit us here at Cigar Ink. Not only do we offer custom engraved laser cigars, but we also offer gift sets that allow you to order the one of a kind stogie’s in bulk. If you need an elegant looking humidor to store your cigars and cigar accessories in, we offer those online as well.