Holiday Celebrations

7 Cigar Themed Ways People Rang in the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! We are so blessed to see another year, and to have such awesome customers both near and far. Durango Cigars rang in the new year snowboarding in the snowy wilderness. There is nothing like a nice cigar after hitting some slopes. Starting #2016 off in snowy wilderness. #snowboarding #HappyNewYear #cigars #pipetobacco […]

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personalized cigar

Must-Know Tips for Lighting and Cutting a Personalized Cigar

Every cigar aficionado has had to start somewhere when it comes to lighting and cutting their cigars. This can be frustrating for those that are new to the process, and can cause even cause quite a headache if there isn’t a cigar pro around to guide the newcomer through the process. Cutting Guillotine Cutters The […]

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personalized cigars

Why Personalized Cigars are the Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s getting to be that time of year again! We’re all going to be searching for a special gift for loved ones, if we haven’t found them already. Recently, I’ve been discovering the joy of savoring a wonderful cigar with an old friend. Today we wanted to talk about why a  laser-engraved personalized cigar is the […]

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cigar party

How to Plan Your New Year’s Cigar Party

These days, New Year’s Eve parties are becoming a little obsolete. However, when the right new thing is added into the mix, your party this holiday season can be far better than you imagined. Remember, people love new things, and while cigars certainly aren’t a new thing, the idea of a cigar party, or herf, […]

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personalized cigar

Suggestions for Giving Personalized Cigars as Presents

Personalized cigars and accessories are great gifts, but you can easily make mistakes when trying to give them out as presents. Sometimes you can get the wrong type or give an accessory that a friend already has. Follow these pointers for giving personalized cigars and accessories out as gifts to avoid pitfalls! Suggestions for Giving Personalized Cigars […]

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Custom Cigars

5 Reasons Custom Cigars are Better than Traditional

At Cigar Ink we pride ourselves on our one of a kind laser engraved custom cigars. Ever since going online we have amassed quite a following. When cigar aficionados do a traditional search for cigars by looking up ‘buy cigars online’ they are greeted from a whole bunch of links promising awesome deals. In reality […]

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halloween drink ideas

5 Halloween Drink Ideas To Enjoy With Your Cigar

Halloween is shortly around the corner and you may need Halloween drink ideas!  After all, you don’t want to be stuck drinking the same alcoholic beverages you normally drink year-round.  It’s time to spice things up a bit. We are cigar aficionados at heart, but we also love a good drink once in a while. […]

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cigar herf

What Is A Cigar Herf? We Breakdown This Latest Trend

What is a cigar herf? In this day and age of parties, charity events, and social gatherings, more and more people are realizing how much cigars can add to the social aspect. As a supplier of custom cigars and with experience in throwing cigar events we know how much of a difference adding cigars to […]

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Wedding Cigars

Find out why Custom Wedding Cigars are a Must

There is nothing as magical as two love birds about to get married. There is a lot of planning that goes into a marriage, from the color of the flowers, to the wedding cake and most importantly to the color of the wedding dress. There is nothing like the joy felt from two newlyweds to […]

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how to smoke a cigar

How to Smoke a Cigar the Right Way

Smoking a cigar is not something as easy as picking it up and taking a puff. Smoking is an art. Going through the motions of smoking a cigar is worth it and you should become accustomed to smoking in no time. Before you can enjoy the fine taste and relaxation of a nice cigar you […]

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