5 Perfect Occasions for Signature Cigar Smoking

5 Perfect Occasions for Signature Cigar Smoking

Cigars are a great way to celebrate any type of milestone, whether it’s a new birth or a wedding, the possibilities are endless. Of course, you’ll see cigar enthusiasts lighting one up on the golf course, but that’s expected. There’s a difference between simply enjoying a basic cigar versus enjoying one that’s custom engraved to mark the celebration. So, what are some of the instances where it’d be better to invest in some laser engraved cigars? We’re here to tell you.

5 Occasions for Custom Laser Engraved Cigars

  1. Your Own Wedding

    Sure, laser engraved cigars are great if you’re in the bridal party, but if you’re the one getting married, we’re going to go ahead and say they’re a must-have. Imagine the amazing photos that the wedding photographer can get of the groomsmen and the groom sharing in a pre-walk down the aisle smoke, or even the bride and her bridesmaids at the reception. It’s guaranteed you’ll look like the coolest couple on the planet with photos like that, especially the bride and groom smoking cigars that aren’t just labeled with their wedding date or initials, but personally engraved.

  2. The Birth of a Baby

    It’s actually a common custom that the father of a new born pass out celebratory cigars once that baby let’s out its first cry. Just like how you would get your initials engraved for a wedding, you can engrave “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” into the tobacco leaf of the cigar. Plus, if you really want to surprise people, keep the sex a secret until the baby is born, then pass out the cigars to let the friends and family know the sex.

  3. New Year’s Eve

    Why not ring in the New Year with a cigar that’s engraved with the upcoming numerical year? If you’re a big cigar enthusiast, you can even have one with the current year that you smoke before the clock strikes 12, and one after for the New Year.

  4. Birthday Milestone

    Whether it’s for an 18th birthday as a family tradition to have that first legal cigar, or if it’s a big milestone like 50 and up, cigars are a great way to celebrate. Plus we’re sure that grandpa (or even grandma) would love a cigar with his name engraved on it.

  5. Job Promotion

    Whether your business is taking off, or if you got a big promotion, it’s a great occasion to smoke a custom cigar. If you have a company logo for your business, that’s something we at Cigar Ink could work out engraving for you with our patent laser engraving system.

Need to Order Laser Engraved Cigars for a Special Occasion?

If you need to order custom engraved cigars for an upcoming occasion, visit us here at Cigar Ink. Not only do we offer custom engraved laser cigars, but we also offer gift sets that allow you to order the one of a kind stogie’s in bulk. If you need an elegant looking humidor to store your cigars and cigar accessories in, we offer those online as well.

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